Industrial Business

The Industrial Business business segment includes the following entities:

The expertise of AD Industries Medical Composites in high-strength carbon-based composite materials and structures allows it to play a major role in the design and manufacture of products for the medical imaging sector.
Monolithic or sandwich parts are manufactured from approved fibres and inserts.

AD Industries Medical Composites products:

  • Radio Tables
  • Cassettes for mammography
  • C-Arm

Our products have the following technical characteristics:

  • Optimization of the absorption rate X-ray
  • Aluminium equivalence respected
  • High mechanical strength
  • Quality finish (exposed carbon, paint, decorative film)
  • Fine dimensional tolerance

AD Industries Exameca Mesure designs, manufactures and installs flexible dimensional measuring machines for the mechanical industry. The aerospace technologies applied to the metrology sector allows us to offer the market machines that combine precision, speed and reliability in demanding environments such as production workshops. A pioneer in the integration of multi-technology contact and optical sensors, we are able to control all the dimensional characteristics of a part (diameter, length, circularity, beat, profile…) with micrometric precision. These machines are intented mainly for the automotive sector for the control of transmission, engine and steering parts, but also for the aerospace sector and industry.