Sheet Metal Division - AD Industries

The AD Industries Group’s sheet metal expertise is based on the experience of the production site:

AD Industries Sheet Metal


This expertise in sheet metal deformation is one of our areas of excellence thanks to our expertise in design and mechanical and thermal calculation.

Our know-how in industrialization and our innovative automated means, such as multi-fiber laser drilling, enable us to develop parts and equipment in « co-engineering » projects with our customers and in « Built To Print ».

The Sheet Metal division produces complex and quality parts and assemblies, such as:

  • Mechanically welded tanks for engines.
  • Cooling ramps.
  • Degassing tubes.
  • A turbojet combustion chamber.
  • Nozzles for engine turbos.
  • Complex structural subsets.
  • Business aircraft landing gear doors.

With the implementation of the following processes:

  • Cutting of parts: laser cutting (2D and 3D), punching, water jet.
  • Shaping of specific inconel materials, titanium: folding, stamping, hydroforming, SPF in partnership.
  • Cleaning / stripping all types of materials: detergent or chemical before welding.
  • Assembly: TIG, MIG, plasma welding, including robotic installations, spot welding, laser welding.
  • The associated non-destructive tests: radiography and penetrant inspection.
  • Specific heat treatment for aluminium alloys.
  • Machining of flexible mechanically welded parts.
  • Mounting using riveted joints.

These processes are used for a wide variety of materials: aluminium, stainless steel, inconel, titanium.