Composites Division - AD Industries

The  Composites division is made up of different entities:

AD Industries Composites
AD Industries Composites Tangier

Through these entities, the AD Industries Group has focused on a strategy of developing high-performance composite products for application in engines and nacelles, structures and equipment, ballistic armor and space.

It is also present in the replacement and repair of composite parts.

The processing facilities operated within this division cover a large area with autoclave capacities of up to 6 metres long and with a significant number of presses.

The objective is to meet an ever-increasing demand for composite and hybrid products, integrating mass and cost-optimized functions.

Our Composites Expertise is based on the use of thermosetting and thermoplastic materials combined with long and short fibres and core materials such as honeycomb and foam.

Supported by the calculation and dimensioning skills of the Engineering divisin, AD Industries Composites brings its expertise into the design of Built to Spec et Co-Design products.