Hydraulics Division - AD Industries

The Hydraulics division is made up of 2 different entities:

AD Industries Hydraulics
AD Industries Tubes

AD Industries Hydraulics manufactures parts for 4 major equipment areas:

  • Fuel injectors and ramps for aerospace engines.
  • Hydraulic cylinders  (landing gear and engine equipment).
  • Equipment such as hanging boxes / control blocks.
  • Lubrification pumps.

The control of the assembly and testing phases enables the AD Industries Group, relying on its network of partners and recognized experts, to develop, quality and certify its own equipment in certain cases.

AD Industries Tubes provides its expertise in pipe design and also provides effective assistance to our customers during all phases of equipment development, the production of parts for series and for spare parts needs.

AD Industries Tubes intervenes in:

  • manufacturing and testing of tube assemblies for all aerospace applications
  • building mock-ups,
  • tube modifications made directly on the aircraft,
  • reverse engineering operations,
  • special development projects (VIP, Corporate conversions),
  • the manufacture of emergency spare parts (AOG).