Engineering Division - AD Industries

AD Industries Engineering

Our design office of the AD Industries Group relies on the experience of the production site:

AD Industries Engineering

Engineering represents a field of excellence within our AD Industries Group : through expertise in design (CAD via Catia), physical calculation and simulation of complex systems ; it constitutes a support division for all the Group’s fields of expertise.

The various activities of our Group are structured in the form of projects in direct liaison with the main Tier 1 prime contracotrs (in particular engine manufacturers), or on the basis of collaborative university and institutional, European and national projects.

Through these « co-engineering » services, our Group strives to find optimal solutions in terms of cost, mass, maintainability… while ensuring the best manufacturability of the equipment.

In the way, AD Industries Engineering, the AD Industries Group’s design office, supported by product engineers based in the various entities, is able to carry out studies in partnership with customer development teams.

Thanks to this collaborative transversal work, the AD Industries Group is able to respond in BTS (Built To Spec) to customer tenders, and in  BTP (Built To Print) by relying on industrialization know-how (LEAN) and adapted production means.

The objective is to enable the development of more efficient products through the integration of innovative functions, responding to the optimisations required, in particular by the aerospace market.

These innovations lead to the integration of technological shifts allowing the AD Industries Group to consolidate its leadership position and best prepare for the future challenges.